8/1 Worship Gathering Announcement

Hi Church Family,
Please read the announcement below from the elders:

"The elders of Living stones are asking that people who attend the worship gathering please wear a mask. This decision was made with much prayer and discussion among the elders, elders-in-training, Women’s Council, and staff team.

While we recognize that this can diminish the worship experience and may not be the most comfortable option, we desire to obey Scripture's commands concerning our submission to governing authorities so long as those authorities do not ask us to sin (see 1 Pet. 2:13-17).

We recognize that some may view this decision as the first step toward the cancellation of worship gatherings. We want to assure you that worshiping together in person is a very high priority, and we commit to discussing the biblical merit of any subsequent mandates given by our governing authorities.

While this is not favorable news, and for some can evoke a deep response, we call the church to unity in Christ in these polarized times.

Living Stones continues steadfast in the mission God has called us to in the gathering of the saints, the preaching of the Gospel, and the desire for those who don’t know Jesus to come into a relationship with Him."

As an encouragement to the members, please reach out to a pastor if you have concerns about attending the worship gathering in light of this as we desire to care for you.

In Him,
Pastor Craig