6 Ways to Prepare for Virtual Worship Services

By Renelle Piñero

Living Stones Reno,

We’re looking forward to being the church and worshiping together in our homes this starting Sunday. Though we are unable to physically meet in our building due to the global COVID-19 Pandemic, we still want to be mindful of “showing up” to church. To help, we’ve outlined 6 ways you and your household can prepare for worship!

Just as you would get ready and arrive at the building before service begins on Sunday, be physically, mentally, and spiritually present and prepared to engage in worship from your home. Imagine you are inviting the King over!
This means wearing clothes you would wear to church (not in pajamas!), removing distractions (put your phone on silent and all other electronics away), and having your cup of coffee (being awake and alert). Make sure you know how to access the service from our Facebook page, YouTube Channel, or our website. If you are using a laptop, make sure it is charged or plug it in.

Lastly, take a few minutes before the virtual service begins to pray that God would prepare your heart for His message.

Not everyone has the musical giftings of our worship leaders, but God delights in hearing His children sing. Music and lyrics will be available during gatherings for you to sing along with us to the Lord! We encourage you to raise your hands, clap, and sing loudly just as you would in when we are together. These postures of worship communicate submission, praise and faithfulness to God.

The Word of God is central to our Sunday gatherings! We suggest having enough Bibles for each member of your household to follow along with. Many of our members like taking notes or highlighting passages, so make sure you have your supplies ready.
We believe the Bible is the Living Word of God, so just like Sundays, please
stand during our scripture reading. It might seem weird or uncomfortable to stand with a Bible in your own living room, but we want to show reverence and honor to God no matter where we are because He is everywhere!

  1. GIVING 
God calls us regularly, joyfully, and sacrificially, to his purposes as an act of worship and trust in his provision. Now more than ever is the time to exercise your faith in this way. Your giving in this time will help over a thousand people to hear the gospel of Jesus and participate in weekly worship.  

Online giving is easily available at www.LSgive.com or Text-to-Give by texting “Livingstones Reno” and the amount you would like to give to the number 73256.
If you have already given, use the designated offering time to thank God for His provision and declare your trust in Him.

Taking communion is a vital part of our worship gatherings. As we navigate these next few weeks online, we encourage our family of believers to partake in communion in your homes by intentionally setting aside bread or crackers AND red wine or grape juice.

(If you happen to have the ingredients at home, we've included the recipe for the bread we typically use at our in-person gatherings on our Facebook. Otherwise, any bread or crackers are acceptable.)

Before tuning in to our broadcast, lay out your communion elements where you have easy access to it by your TV or computer. Depending on your home, this might be your coffee table, dining table, or desk, etc. We don’t want you running to your kitchen to find a piece of bread in the middle of our gathering!

A church gathering is a very intentional time that is set apart from the rest of the
week. Plan to make Sundays a priority in your home, this could include some planning on your part. If you have kids, talk to them beforehand about worshipping together at home and have a plan for them. If you have roommates who are not believers let them know you’ll be worshipping and  invite them to participate with as much as they feel comfortable with. Send the link out to your family, friends and co-workers who wouldn’t usually come to church and pray that God would save them.

Remember that life happens. Any number of things may disrupt this worship time – a bad internet connection, a barking dog, a screaming kid, a phone call, etc. But we can take steps ahead of time to offset some of those interruptions. No one expects you to run a perfect Sunday gathering – and that’s okay!

About the Author:
Renelle Piñero is a Deacon at Living Stones Reno where she manages Digital Communications and assists with writing liturgy. Growing up in a Filipino-American household has given her a heart for pursuing Unity in Diversity. She also contributes to the Art team regularly with Spoken Word poems. She can be reached by emailing renelle@lschurches.com