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Living Stones Church
South Sparks

Coming January 2024!

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Meet the Team

Prior to joining the Living Stones Church Plant Residency, Pastor Taylor Sexton served on staff at Living Stones Sparks for several years.

"I grew up in Sparks, NV. As a teenager, I walked and skated these streets - without God and without hope. But the church always played a central part in my life, even when I was rejecting God. He and His people were pursuing me. When Jesus brought me to Himself, He lit a fire in my heart for His Word, a love for His church and a desire for other lost people to know His message to them."

Why South Sparks?

67,000 people

live in the neighborhoods surrounding Prater Way, Victorian Avenue, Rock Blvd., Pyramid, Wedekind, North & East McCarran Blvd.

South Sparks is the most dense and diverse pocket of our city, filled with all kinds of people. God has given us a message that brings dead people to life. How will they witness the renewing power of Jesus unless His church goes?

3 Ways to Get Involved

Form part of our core team that will work to see this church launched in 2024.
There is no greater mission on earth, and your financial partnership enables this mission to move ahead in South Sparks.
Become a member of our weekly prayer team.

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