join us for

Sundays • 10am
11545 Sitka St. Reno, NV

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 60643, Reno, NV 89506

Why "Summer Church"?

Here's the scoop...

January 2022

Living Stones North Valleys begins gathering weekly at O'Brien Middle School in Stead, NV. 
We knew that, come June, O'Brien would be demolished to make way for a new building.

We wanted to gather in the school anyways to bless the staff & students through consistent relationship.

Little did we know that God was getting a brand new building ready for us.

June 2022

Living Stones North Valleys moves out of O'Brien as we wait for our new building.

The result?
(Very) temporary homelessness.
Because God always provides.

Two faithful Christians stepped forward and offered their home as the Living Stones North Valleys location for the Summer.

Summer Church is born. 

Throughout 2022

God is preparing the perfect spot for Living Stones North Valleys.

Although we didn't know it, expect it, or plan for it, God worked behind-the-scenes throughout 2022 to give us a more permanent home for worship gatherings, discipleship, and good times together.

5 month old churches don't get buildings of their own. Ask around. It just doesn't happen. Yet here we are, waiting for blueprints, building supplies, and a brand new, beautiful location right off of Red Rock Road.

So until the new building is ready, you're invited to join us for Summer Church!

What to Expect

The church isn't a building.
The church is God's people.

God's people can meet anywhere to worship Him.
We can't wait to worship in the Nevada sunshine.

We will worship the triune God of the Bible through music, prayer, and gospel-centered sermons.

And you'll have plenty of extra opportunities to develop friendships that will last a lifetime.


A Bible
(but if you forget, we've got plenty!)

(we've got shade, but you never know)

(preferably in bottles, not balloons or super soakers)

Grace, Love, and Mercy
(we're a community of sinners made saints only by faith in Jesus, and we're works in progress)

Anyone who doesn't yet know Jesus
(God's mission doesn't stop at Summer Church!)