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God has a great purpose for your life: make disciples.

A disciple is one who believes in, learns from, and follows Jesus. The Great Commission in Matthew 28 is aimed at all followers of Jesus to go and make disciples. Followers of Jesus must embrace discipleship as the life of the believer, for the work of the ministry, and growth of the church into maturity. Disciple Life offers an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to grow your knowledge of, affection for and relationship with Jesus. In all that we do, there will be intentional focus on individual and small group discipleship to deepen one another’s relationship with Jesus, and with one another. Disciple Life at Living Stones South Reno is a combination of classroom teaching and cohort-style discussion with an emphasis on one-on-one discipleship, with the mission of growing and multiplying disciples of Jesus.

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Come and See

Spiritual Explorers

Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)

Are you a spiritual person? Come and see what Christianity is really about. We will look at 8 core doctrines together and grow in our understanding of what the Bible teaches about God, man, sin, the atonement, the resurrection and other topics. Whether you are a skeptic looking to learn about Jesus, practice another religion, or have been a Christian for a while, this class is sure to challenge and grow you.
Your whole faith is based on the Bible, how well do you know it? BSF groups offer straight talk and biblical truth built on the foundation of Jesus Christ. As a group member, you will personally study Scripture and answer questions each week. Once a week, you will meet for a small-group discussion of the lesson, hear from a teaching leader how the truths of Scripture can be applied to daily life and receive comprehensive notes on the Scripture passages you studied.

Follow Me

Learn to Serve


Do you know what your spiritual gifts are? In this course you will learn what they are and how God has uniquely made and equipped you for specific ministries within the body of Christ.
God has given you the ability to have doctrinal clarity and precision in what you believe. This course covers the central truths of the Reformation, so Christians today can better understand, rejoice in, and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.

Apologetics I

Living Well (Women)

Why do you believe Jesus is God? In this course you will learn to give a reason for your faith and belief in God. Additionally, you will learn how to share the gospel with non-believers and be able to give answers to their questions.
Studying the gospel of John is "shallow enough for a child to wade in and deep enough to drown an elephant" (Charles Spurgeon). This women's study is designed to encourage the soul-quenching daily habit of one-on-one time with the Lord in His Word, followed up monthly with meeting that focuses on the Biblical doctrine found in the passage and how to apply it in our lives.