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Pastoral Assistant

Reports to: Pastor Craig Parish
Hours: 45+ hours per week

General Description of Duties/Purpose:
The primary purpose of this role is to provide support to the Executive Pastor in all aspects of administration and ministry, serving as an extension of his leadership and oversight.

Sunday Responsibilities and Expectations:
Responsible for training, recruiting and overseeing service leads and new volunteers, as well as seeking out members who are currently not serving. Arrival time is subject to change based on service lead and ministry needs of each week. This position is responsible for overseeing the cooking, coffee, and communion bread ministries. Hours for Sunday typically range from 7:30am - 1:30pm.

Essential Job Function and Responsibilities:

  • Financial Administration
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Spending Reports
    • Weekly Gathering Count
    • Bank Transactions
    • Check Deposits
    • Cash Deposits

  • Manage
    • Project Management
      • Communication calendar, production timelines, etc.
    • Event Management
      • Outreaches, special events, special needs for holidays (Christmas, Easter, Lent, etc.)
    • Volunteer Management
      • Coordinate communication with ministry heads and service leads
      • Quarterly service lead schedule
      • Availability on Sunday mornings for ministry encouragement and troubleshooting 
      • Provide training to service leads and ministry heads when needed
      • Recruit new volunteers for Sunday ministries
      • Train new volunteers as needed
      • Ensures worship gathering is operating smoothly without major holes

  • Travel arrangements 
    • Coordinates EP travel plans, including flights, hotels and rental cars
    • Assists in coordinating staff retreat travel arrangements

  • Benevolence oversight
    • Build team to intake and process applications
    • Budget
    • Reporting

  • Calendar
    • Proactive in arranging needed meetings
    • Sends out calendar invites ensuring time and location
    • Reviews and confirms meetings of pastor’s schedule weekly
    • Keep pastor focused on most important work
    • Ability to let staff know where pastor is at all times
    • Ensures the protection of time devoted to big picture planning and prayer
    • Help pastor foster and maintain relationships by being mindful of birthdays and other important life events
    • Ensures all staff PTO is on calendar and approved

  • Host
    • Facilitate meetings with organizations, missionaries, and ministries
    • Provide hospitality for meetings, provide materials, and refreshments as needed
    • Be available during meetings to take minutes and deduce them to actionable items
    • Plan ahead for meetings to prepare appropriate documentation

  • Administration
    • Track receipts and reimbursements
    • CCB Database Management
    • Merge meeting minutes into Evernote
    • Draft and proofread communication and copy 
    • Manage database and spreadsheets
    • Serve as sounding board for initial ideas, planning, communication and provide thoughtful feedback
    • Run errands for church as needed

  • Liaison
    • Represent pastor and church well to others and serve as reliable filter for incoming info and inquiries
    • Enter into conversations with outside parties winsomely to protect church interests and desires
    • Facilitate communication with people interested in meeting with a pastor
    • Coordinate communication for city partnerships
    • Ongoing check-ins with Mission to the City ministry heads
    • When needed, arrange meetings to review current missional ties between ministry and the church
    • Recognize potential employee/member relational issues and proactively bring it to attention
    • Look for opportunities to encourage and appreciate staff, volunteers, members
    • Prioritize areas of recognition and encouragement – Pastoral Thank You
    • Mediates difficult interactions as needed

  • Competencies/Character
    • Mature Christian who can appropriately carry the weight of ministry and tend to their own soul
    • Servant hearted
    • Help serve as eyes of pastor
    • Evaluate processes for efficient workflow
    • Can differentiate when to delegate and when not to
    • Foresees issues/tasks and critically thinks through next steps
    • Takes a vision and makes it a reality
    • Willingness to receive feedback and direction
    • Uses discretion when communicating sensitive information
    • Able to multitask and has strong organizational skills
    • Attention to detail
    • Credible, can be trusted with sensitive high-level information
    • Reliable and consistent behavior and emotional health
    • Willing to own failures
    • Flexible and adaptable
    • Ability to read and adapt behavior to meet cultural context
    • Computer competency and ability to learn what they don’t know
    • Ability to lead and manage groups of people
    • Effectively manage multiple deadlines 



No current openings at this time.


No current openings at this time.


We are hiring for a Part Time Deacon of Operations

This posting is currently on hold - Please check back later

This position will be a paid, 25-30 hour position. The Job involves Sunday Prep, Engagement, Communication, and assisting the Lead Pastor. To apply, please read the full job description and submit an application through the link. Our LS Member and Deacon Covenant are also provided for reference.


No current openings at this time.