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Soul Care

Through soul care we attend to the needs of your soul by leading you toward the health and wholeness found in relationship with the triune God.

There are two avenues for soul care:

Community Groups

The first avenue of soul care is to engage in relationships with other believers and experience the healing and transforming power of the gospel within Christian community.

One on One

The second avenue of soul care is through one-on-one meetings with a trained pastor or deacon.

We are not licensed therapists, but offer spiritual care that is biblically based, psychologically sensitive, and relationally focused.
Soul care at Living Stones is primarily reserved for Covenant Members in good standing, in which a pastor or deacon will meet one-on-one with a person for up to five sessions.

For those who are not Covenant Members of our church, we offer a one time consultation meeting to provide spiritual direction and encouragement.


Sparks Application

If you are a Covenant Member at Living Stones Church, or you would like a one-time consultation meeting for prayer, spiritual direction, and encouragement, please fill out the form below.

The application will ask you to provide detailed information about yourself and your relationship with Living Stones. In the next step of the application, you will be asked to provide detailed information about your current situation or concern for which you are seeking soul care. In addition, we will ask you to give any other information about the people in your life that are involved with your current situation or concern. Finally, the last portion of the application will ask you about your current, future, or past marital information and your availability to meet with a soul care provider.

Once the application has been completed and submitted, Living Stones soul care personnel will review your application with strict confidentiality procedures. After this, a soul care personnel will contact you shortly to discuss the direction and strategy for the best possible way that Living Stones can help you address your current situation or concerns. Please allow up to one week to process your application.
If the situation constitutes an immediate emergency (ie: life-threatening), please call 911.