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LS South Reno
Family Member Process

This is our digital Membership Process that will allow prospective members of Living Stones South Reno to be able to access the new Family Member Process at any time and at their own pace.

This process consists of a series of videos that explain who we are and what it means to become a Family Member of Living Stones.

Please begin by downloading the LS Membership document below and then watching the first video:
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Video #1 - Why Church Membership?

Video #2 - What is a Member at Living Stones?

Video #3 - Who is Living Stones?

Video #4 - What is the Living Stones Family?

Video #5 - What do we believe & how do we function?

Video #6 - What does all this mean?

If you are not in a Community Group, on a Sunday Serving Team, or actively tithing, but want to be a member, simply request more info on the below links and then continue your Family Membership process below.
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Finished all the Videos?

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