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Behind the Scenes

Baking Team

Role: To make communion bread for the Sunday worship gatherings, ensuring that all who want to participate in this sacrament are able to do so.
Time Commitment: Once a Month

Coffee Team

Role: To have coffee ready for guests and members as they come in to worship together, helping to provide an inviting and welcoming environment
Time Commitment: 1-3 Times a Month

Communion Team

Role: To provide an opportunity for all Christians to celebrate their union with Christ through communion by making sure the communion elements are set up for our guests and members.
Time Commitment: 7:50 am (Pre-Service Prayer 8:20) or 10:30 am; 2-3 times a month

Count Team

Role: To help shepherd the financial offerings by providing an accurate accounting of all tithes and offerings received each Sunday.
NOTE: You must be an active member of the church to serve in this role.
Time Commitment: 2 Sundays a month

Reset Team

Role: To make the church a welcoming and comfortable environment where people can come to engage with God by ensuring that our building is set-up, clean, and in working order when guests and members arrive for the worship gathering.
Time Commitment: 2 Sundays a month; In between 9am and 11am gathering

Kids Check In

Role: Welcome new and returning families into LS Kids Ministry. We safely and accurately check kids into ensure a fun and worshipful experience.
Time Commitment: 2 Sundays a month

Interactive Ministries

LS Kids

Role:  Facilitate a fun, safe, welcoming, and Jesus-centered environment for the children in their LS Kids classroom. 
NOTE: Must pass an application, background check, and interview process. 
Time Commitment: 2 Sundays a month

Greeting Team

Role: The Greeting Team exists to make every person who comes into the church feel loved, seen, and welcomed as God in Christ welcomes us (Romans 15:7). We aim to treat everyone with dignity and respect as we are the first impression for people walking through the doors.
Time Commitment: 2 Sundays a month; 20 minutes before gathering, 10 minutes into gathering and 10 minutes after gathering

Safety Team

Role: To allow guests and members to focus on worshiping God without being concerned about their safety or their children’s safety. Our team members maintain awareness of the sanctuary and surroundings while also making an effort to minimize distractions.
NOTE: You must be an active member of the church to serve in this role.
Time Commitment: Able to serve at least once per month, preferably twice per month; serving time is 30 mins before the worship gathering through the end of the worship gathering

Ushering and Offering

Role: Ushering is a volunteer role where faithful members of our church welcome and direct members and guests into the Worship Center. Walking through the Worship Center doors is often intimidating for new people, especially in a church as large as Living Stones. Ushers are there to welcome people, make them feel seen, give them direction as needed, and help people find seats; doing so in a welcoming manner allows for members and guests to focus on worshiping the Lord during the gathering.
Time Commitment: 15 minutes before the gathering begins; 20 minutes during the gathering

Welcome Team

Role: To help new guest feel welcome, get to know them and help them to feel at home. We value Outsiders Becoming Insiders, and to accomplish this our Welcome Team provides avenues of connection to all newcomers. 
Time Commitment: 2 Sundays a month