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New Year, New...Amazement?

The most transformative thing you can do in 2021 is to put away all thoughts about transforming yourself, and instead study, talk with, and enjoy Jesus.

There is a gap between knowledge about Jesus and knowing Jesus personally, and the gap is as wide as the space between East and West. The Gospel of Mark was written to bridge that gap.

As Mark takes us right to the dirt paths Jesus traversed throughout His ministry, he does so as if he has a camera right alongside him. You can almost picture him dumbfoundedly pointing the cameraman to focus in on the moment Jesus’ fingers briefly settle on the blind beggar’s eyelids to heal his life-long disability. Mark wants us to perceive that, in a moment such as this, God Himself has physically invaded a dark spot in the universe and put it to flight with His glorious power.

The first part of our exploration of the Gospel of Mark will reveal this amazing power in multifaceted ways as we look at Jesus’ earthly ministry. And after a year like 2020, we need the power of God more than ever, for it is the power of God in the Person of Jesus that heals the worst wounds and the most devastated souls. It is the power of God in the Person of Jesus that moves our emotional world from fear and sorrow to confidence and delight. It is the power of God in the Person of Jesus that satisfies all curiosity, while provoking even more amazement.

God’s response to a year, or even a life of illness, turmoil, disaster, and death, is not easier circumstances; God’s response is instead an offering of Himself and His power for our good. As God gives Himself and His power to us, we are transformed in such a way that circumstances alone - even the most dire circumstances - simply won’t have the power to sway our hearts into hopelessness.

Join us in being amazed by Jesus and His redemptive, healing power.
About the Author:
Michael Cox is the Discipleship Pastor at Living Stones North Valleys and serves on staff for Living Stones Churches as the Art and Series Director. You can reach him at