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Ascension Day
May 4th, 2021
Ascension Day - which LS Churches will recognize on Sunday, May 16th - is the day when the global Christian church celebrates Jesus ascending into heaven, physically departing from the disciples, as r...  Read More
by Michael Cox
It's Not the End of the World
March 5th, 2021
What will the end of the world be like?...  Read More
by Michael Cox
January 19th, 2021
For centuries, Christians across the globe have participated in a season known as Lent - the 40 day period (excluding Sundays), between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. However, as Protestants, we oug...  Read More
by Michael Cox
New Year, New...Amazement?
December 31st, 2020
The most transformative thing you can do in 2021 is to put away all thoughts about transforming yourself, and instead study, talk with, and enjoy Jesus.There is a gap between knowledge about Jesus and...  Read More
by Michael Cox
The Gospel
December 18th, 2020
What’s the difference between the gospel and the Gospels?The gospel is the good news of what God has done in Jesus’s life, death, resurrection, and ascension to redeem His people for His own glory.The...  Read More
by Michael Cox
The Kingdom of God
October 7th, 2020
What is the Kingdom of God and why does it matter?...  Read More
by Michael Cox
Jesus Rose. So what?
September 14th, 2020
The core of Christianity is the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Jesus rose. So what? Why does this matter for anyone today?...  Read More
by Michael Cox
Out of the Shadows: the Sermon to the Hebrews
September 8th, 2020
Hebrews paints a vivid picture of Jesus and all that He has accomplished in His life, death, resurrection, and ascension....  Read More
by Michael Cox