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Podcasts to help you grow.
The Pactum
Fun discussions about various theological topics.

Reformed Baptist theological conversations.

Theology for the Church
In-depth doctrinal discussions with various theologians and scholars.

The Briefing
A daily analysis of news from Albert Mohler.

40 Minutes in the Old Testament
Exactly what the title says ;)

The Church Politics Podcast
Political commentary from a Christian worldview.

You're Not Crazy
Discussions about leadership in the church.

Doctrine and Devotion
Fun conversations about church life and theology from a Reformed Baptist perspective.


1689 London Baptist Confession
Click here to read the 1689 Confession for free in both the original English and modern English.

You'll also find helpful resources related to the Confession.
Bible Interpretation
Grasping God's Word
Beginner-level introduction to hermeneutics.

Dig Deeper
Basic Bible interpretation tools and skills.

Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics
Intermediate read for Christ-focused interpretation.

Covenant Theology
An introduction and exploration of Covenant Theology from a Reformed Baptist perspective.

The Mystery of Christ, His Covenant, and His Kingdom
An exploration of the biblical story and covenant theology from a Baptist perspective.

What is Reformed Theology?
An introduction to Reformed doctrine.

The Christ Key
Scholar Chad Bird helps us see Jesus in the Old Testament.

Gentle and Lowly
A devotionally-rich and theologically-deep exploration of the heart of Jesus.

Theological Retrieval for Evangelicals
An exploration of often-neglected theologians and doctrine.


The Acrostic of God
A rhyming book about God's attributes.

The Acrostic of Salvation
A rhyming book about salvation.

The Biggest Story
A beautifully illustrated summary of the biblical story.

The Gospel: Big Theology for Little Hearts
A simple summary of the gospel.

Creation: Big Theology for Little Hearts
A summary of creation.
Christian Growth
Help for those battling unwanted sexual sin.

The Intimate Marriage
A book on Christian marriage.

True Spirituality
Walking out your faith day-to-day.

An exploration of prayer.

Death by Living
Facing death as a Christian.

The Gift of Pain
Facing pain as a Christian.

Rid of My Disgrace
Help for those who have been sexually assaulted.

The Treasure Principle
Help for those who want to be more generous.

Spiritual Warfare
A balanced approach to spiritual warfare.

The Barber Who Wanted to Pray
A fun story about Martin Luther teaching his barber how to pray the Lord's Prayer.

God Made All of Me
A book for teaching children how to protect their bodies.

God Made Me in His Image
A book for helping children appreciate how God has made them.
Church History
The Story of Christianity
A look at the first 1500 years of church history.

Historical Theology
How key doctrines of Christianity developed throughout church history.

Crisis of Confidence
How historical creeds and confessions anchor modern Christians.

The Heresy of Orthodoxy
This advanced read explores the early formation of the Christian canon.

For Kids:
The Church History ABCs

Helping kids see the beauty and value of church history.


Your greatest growth won't take place in isolation but in community.

The resources below can help you be a thriving part of your local church.
Love Your Church
This book helps you see the beauty of belonging to your local church.
The Way of the Dragon or the Way of the Lamb
This book will help you spot and avoid the "way of the dragon" in your local church.
Life Together
This book explores genuine Christian community.
This book will help you be an others-focused Christian.